The course fee for this
program has 4 components

  • 01Application Fee – INR 250
  • 02Registration Cost: The registration cost depends on the member institute opted.
  • 03Tuition fee:
    • I.Level 1 – The tuition fee for this level depends on the member institute opted.
    • II.Level 2 - There shall be no fee for the training provided in level 2. The students shall be paid monthly stipends of up to INR 12,000/- each.
    • III.Level 3 - There shall be no fee for the training provided in level 3. The stipends paid to students during this level shall be up to INR 12,000/- per month.
  • Note: Unlike many certification programs, CPMS® does not require its students to pay any renewal charges post-certification.
  • 04Examination fee:
    • I.1st Month Assessment Test – Nil
    • II.2nd Month Assessment Test – Nil
    • III.3rd Month Assessment Test – Nil
    • IV.4th Month Assessment Test – Nil
    • V.Pre-FLC Test – Nil
    • VI.FLC Test – There shall be no examination fee for the first 5 attempts at FLC Test. There shall be an examination fee of INR 500/- per attempting subject, for every additional FLC Test attempted following the 5th attempt. Though the students might be required to attempt all the subjects, they need to pay examination fee only for the subjects they failed to clear in the previous attempt.
  • Note: The students shall have the freedom to opt for the dates and examination center, for their additional FLC attempts, as per the dates and location available.